For you to get the most out of your RaidMAX Technologies ERP experience you need to be empowered with knowledge. We strive to make your learning experience as accessible as possible. All training mediums listed below are provided free of charge to the RaidMAX Technologies community. Choose the medium that best suits you and access on-the-go (desktop, tablet or smartphone).Classroom training is also available at varying rates depending on your location. Kindly contact your local RaidMAX Technologies Office to find out more about on-site or classroom training.

Optimise your raidmax Experience with RaidMAX Technologies Education

Whether you are new to RaidMAX Technologies or have been part of the RaidMAX Technologies community for years, education plays a vital role in optimising your RaidMAX Technologies experience and usage. We understand that people learn differently, and have adopted a variety of mediums in which to convey our message.

RaidMAX Technologies Education provides a range of different formats of educational material to suit your needs:

e-Learning modules

Aimed at new users to provide the foundation for learning about RaidMAX Technologies. Download these modules to your computer or laptop. Use the interactive self-assessments to get immediate feedback about your understanding and progress.

Feature demos

View short videos focusing on a new feature, program or topic and keep up-to-date with any new enhancements in the RaidMAX Technologies product. There are also feature demos of some of the more complex topics in RaidMAX Technologies for those who require a deeper, more advanced understanding of the topic.

On-site training

On-site training/support is ideal when implementing new features or new solutions, or for users who will be taking on new roles and tasks.

Training Guides

Access both Business Process Training Guides and Module-specific Guides. These are self-paced guides for those who want to gain a better understanding of a module or a process.

Feature Guides

Read about a specific feature rather than an entire module.


Listen to a live product-based session on new or existing product features or download recordings to listen to in your own time.

The RaidMAX Technologies Certification program

Our RaidMAX Technologies Certification program allows you to become certified as either a Value Added Reseller or End User.

The structured curriculum links directly to training material to make your learning experience easier.

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