ERP Cost Considerations

ERP cost or pricing considerations can be complex as every customer has unique requirements when it comes to the number of users, software deployment and services required. There is no one price fits all, however, the following checklist highlights the various cost considerations you should be aware of when implementing an ERP system.

1. Deployment Type

a. SaaS

  • Monthly subscription for both infrastructure and software
  • Cost of services
  • b. Hosted

  • Rental cost of hardware and infrastructure
  • Cost of services
  • Initial software license payment and annual license renewal
  • c. On-premise

  • Cost of hardware and infrastructure
  • Initial software license payment and annual license renewal
  • 2. Hardware (if required, based on deployment type)

    a. Servers

    b. Clients

    c. Printers


    e.Mobile devices

    3. Software (See notes on software licensing)

    a. Operating system

    b. Number of users

    c. Add-ons

    d. Upgrades

    e. Annual License Fee

    f. Data migration/conversion

    4. Implementation

    a. Consulting

    b.Business modeling

    c. Project Management

    5. Training

    6. Support

    7. Ongoing System Project Management

    RaidMAX Technologies Software licensing:

  • RaidMAX Technologies licenses its software to make it easy for customers to choose the functionality they need, when they need it.
  • The software is licensed by module, and by the number of concurrent users. Allowing you to buy just the modules you need for a select number of users. Then as your needs grow, you can buy additional modules and increase your number of users.