Part of selecting an ERP solution that fits your unique business needs includes evaluating the required services that go hand in hand with deploying an optimised system.

RaidMAX Technologies offers a variety of services to help you:
Services Overview

Our services are best described in keeping with the stages of your buying cycle.

Discovery and Selection

If you don’t know the ‘What’ and Why’ of your proposed ERP adventure, you are likely to wander down an inappropriate road of selecting, implementing and operating ERP. You may blunder upon success but you are more likely to be dissatisfied with the results.

For this reason, it is advisable for you to get expert advice from the outset. At this stage, we have experienced consultants who will meet with you to establish, define and understand your business processes. Our consultants work with our Quantum Architecture implementation tool to keep a record of all conversations, decisions and outcomes.

Once the business processes are understood and defined, our consultants use all the data collated during meetings to build a model of the proposed solution which includes deadlines for project milestones. At this early stage, you will be able to see if the deployment of the system will be worthwhile in your organisation.


Once the model has been accepted a project plan is put in place to implement the solution. The plan includes everything from data conversions and data entry to verifying the network and hardware requirement, as well as timeline and resource controls.

Training is a key aspect in the implementation plan as this empowers you to utilise the full power and functionality of RaidMAX Technologies software and make a rapid transition to the new system.

We consider the period after go-live and up to the first month-end as part of the implementation phase. Usually the implementation project team are still fully engaged. The first month-end is seen as a test of whether everything is working as planned. It is only once that has proven to be successful that ownership passes from the implementation project team.


With your new ERP system up and running, you may want to sit back and reap the benefits, but this is just the beginning. There are a number of services that will be required on an on-going basis to keep your system running efficiently.

Ensuring that you have helpful, knowledgeable support services when you need it is a key element of our support services offering. Channels include phone, email, remote, on-site or on-line, which can be purchased on a contractual basis or as-needed.

As your company grows and adapts, you may have requirements that fall outside of the scope of the core product. There are a number of possibilities open to you via the RaidMAX Technologies App Store or Our Professional Services team.

On request, we are also able to conduct site audits to ensure the health of your system.

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