Planning & Project Management

To minimise the stress associated with migrating to, or implementing a new system you’ll be needing strong project management with careful planning to steer the change management process.

You will work closely with RaidMAX Technologies project team to prepare the initial project plan. The plan will allow for the successful monitoring and management of the project by incorporating the necessary checks and balances required to achieve results on time.

The plan includes:

  • a scope statement
  • a change management plan
  • key milestones
  • an escalation plan
  • a reporting structure
  • the actual project schedule & budget.

On your acceptance of the project plan proposal, RaidMAX Technologies will present the plan in the form of a comprehensive project charter.

System Design & Coding

The system design includes the technical deployment design and the full scope of how business processes will be configured and setup to work for you. The project plan will define the roadmap for proceeding through the design phase and it will include at minimum the following steps:

  • Establishing the detailed requirements
  • Mapping the requirements and designing the solution
  • Building and presenting a prototype

Proving the Solution

A key part of the implementation plan will be for you to verify and validate the project team’s implementation and design. You will need to perform end user testing and provide acceptance of the defined business processes and functions.

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