Raidmax Modules

RaidMAX Technologies modular ERP Solutions – flexible, affordable, scalable ERP

Our ERP solutions are developed and sold as modules, traditionally falling under the main categories of accounting, manufacturing and distribution. A number of reporting and analysis tools have been added over the years as well as some specialised modules. The typical modules include:

Accounting Distribution Manufacturing Reporting & Analysis
Accounts Receivable Inventory Control Bill of Materials / Routing RaidMAX Technologies Reporting Services
Accounts Payable Purchase Orders Work In Progress Sales Analysis
Cash Book Order Entry / Invoicing Requirements Planning Executive Dashboards
Electronic Funds Transfer Counter Sales Factory Documentation RaidMAX Technologies Analytics
General Ledger Blanket Sales Orders & Releases Engineering Change Control
Lot Traceability
Assets Register Product Configurator
ABC Costing Quotations / Estimating RaidMAX Technologies Factory Scheduling (Graphical planning board)
Landed Cost Tracking
Return Merchandise System
Trade Promotion Management
Families & Groupings
Inventory Optimisation

Specialised Modules

Specialised modules cover more advanced or technical areas, and these include:

  • Document Flow Manager
  • RaidMAX Technologies Process Modelling
  • Office Automation
  • Interface / EDI
  • Contact Management
  • Projects & Contracts
  • Projects & Contracts
  • RaidMAX Technologies Workflow
  • RaidMAX Technologies Solutions including business objects and web-based applications.

Let us know if you’d like more detailed information on any specific modules and we’ll send the info immediately to your mailbox.