RaidMAX Technologies ERP Software gives you peace of mind by providing the following extensive security features:

1. Tailored Security Measures – You can configure the system security to be as simple or as finely tuned as your operating environment requires.

2. Controlled Access – Standard security features include password control and group and operator maintenance facilities. Administrators can also control access down to certain business processes, companies, modules, menus, and program functions and activities.

3. Data Visibility – RaidMAX Technologies ERP Security features give you visibility to transactional data for key codes such as warehouse, banks, salespersons, ledger etc.

4.Audit Trails – Master data amendment journals and transactional audit trails provide records of data changes and the users responsible. The job logging facility provides an audit trail of user access and processing activity.

5. Electronic Signatures – Enable administrators to secure transactions by authenticating the operator who is performing the transaction. This can be configured to create a summary and detailed log of all transactions.